Become a Vendor

How do I become a Vendor?

Eclectique is proud to offer some of the most talented artists in the local area. If you have a unique talent and would like to be part of the Eclectique family, one way is to become a vendor or consignor. Limited storage space is available to rent on a monthly basis. Consignment arrangements are available for per piece sold.


  • Areas range apx. $30 to $150 monthly.
  • The size and location determine your monthly rate.
  • The artisan sends several high-quality photos of the work they would be representing in the store or a link to their Etsy, Facebook or Gallery online to or via text message to 412-817-7944 or Eclectique Facebook messenger
  • Should their items be a good fit for the store, the owner will set up a meeting with the vendor to see the available space.
  • Once agreed upon a start date and set-up date will be established.
  • Vendor/Consignors choose a category or stay within the agreed upon merchandise they will be offering.
  • Seasonal merchandise should be removed no later than 14 days past the holiday. Keeping your space clean, fresh, current and well stocked along with attractive displays will improve sales.
  • Rent is payable on the first of each month. If it is mid-month a pro-rated amount will be determined and due upon signing the vendor/consignor agreement.
  • Terms are for a minimum of 6 months, then month to month thereafter.
  • Vendor/Consignor code number is assigned. All products must be price tagged/labeled with this code and the price
  • PA Sales tax of 6% is collected on all taxable merchandise sales and submitted to the state
  • A Federal ID number or Social Security number is required on all vendor forms to submit annual 1099 forms for sales in excess of $600 annually.
  • A 5% administrative & credit card fee is deducted from the sales revenue.
  • Sales commission checks are issued on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s total sales. (Should the 15th be a Sunday or Monday when the store is closed, a check can be picked up the next business day)
  • Checks should be picked up at the store. If you need your check mailed, please contact Laurie at the store to authorize the check to be mailed out, postage fees will be deducted from your account.
  • 30 Notice is standard to cancel agreements.


  • Consignment percentages to Eclectique range between 30% – 40%, plus the 5% administrative & credit card fee
  • All other policies as stated above apply.


  • Eclectique is not liable for theft, loss or breakage. VENDOR or Consignor agrees to indemnify and hold Eclectique harmless from all claims, losses, expenses, fees, including attorney fees as a result from the acts or omissions of Eclectique’s employees, agents or representatives.  VENDOR or Consignor shall be solely responsible for ensuring all applicable laws are followed and complied with in selling their products.
  • VENDOR & Consignors are responsible for obtaining insurance coverage on their property, Eclectique is not required to carry additional insurance to cover VENDOR or Consignors property.

Eclectique reserves the right to:

  • Return any item(s) that are not selling in excess of 90 days, you will be notified to pick up the merchandise.
  • Arrange your merchandise when items are sold to keep the space ‘filled’ and attractively merchandised.
  • Limit merchandise based on categories, as not to have duplication of merchandise type or style
  • Determine if merchandise is suitable and safe for resale and to refuse any item from entry into the store at its discretion.

To access a copy of the Vendor/Consignor agreement click here:

Have questions? Contact Laurie directly